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Lecture1 - MOCHW QM" LflCSYUTC:1 IASN‘O Z...

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Unformatted text preview: MOCHW QM " LflCSYUTC. :1. '. IASN‘O Z/ Coarétlnoks Note Title \ ML neeAeJ Gy- ‘L gnu/“Se is on COLE. M23 “Rama: '\-n “4;: G) ScW—sdmduled exams lieu cm refruVo. Q LOTS o? homework. A“ unfiméed. e-modl 1 m't‘KeHRC-‘E V'wcainiaadIA OFGCZ. Hours ov-e. TBA- 0R0. '. Kerdnoc SUB 'Torhga '. Revkew O‘F coor6ina\u am) vedrors. Coefdinax‘ru: °~ mm a? flowing zwé Point in HM flow or sPoq (cl-c) ‘n “8". (C?) \o) \n R31‘b’63 5K8+dning ". Draw 0\ box HIM. an: uffifif‘ o+ 41A. origin and Sides on coon} P‘OHNES Disbnw belwwn 693,2.) ma (0km): (mfi 03-h)“ (2—5- Tus't “VJ. in M P\a\N.. 'Tln'ls i5 Md— IlEuc‘iJea-n dia‘wxu: E><= ‘D'ushmu. Qrom (km-n3 +0 (’4, 5,45) -. 1/(l-)‘-I+(IS)+(—\-L—'l3)=1/(-?>3+(-4)71V17:>7‘=[(09 W 35 HLI Kf‘mmg dish/«.2. (3’66 weaken For 5?th o§ radius r Md mm} «JG (05b ,c) (x—o)+ +(uyb)+ “(z—c) =r_ SGM‘fiMS Move. 1to Norm/$140 fact 4W5: XL E5: X—LLL=H7<+K3'[OE+Z+IR —O 6-1”...qu 430st9.4. (,4 4x+43+ (ta—(0343‘) +2 —. —lR+4+fi [C Cc M Fifi-I'LL "H-l. Sq Uni-Q a (x—Q) + (g-bf-‘k 7—1 = \. Con-HF (3,3,0) radii/S 1 1. Aveo+or has a Awaken Ma Q {mat n'u\~3 \IQc’ms describe (dokvt poskkms. mini 0.5 (AM) a? (db. ‘M" «imam—s 0‘ MN Fo'mf) 444. M7, once. 30“ Sfedc'é on (M om, 4L9. hilt y\ k‘? 7‘ 4m G'Ivfi/x Mo VCosms, wt. can W56 441m: HOLE. kw“ a? Cl :3" ‘HAQ. HP 4 \7 A A 0"“ +0!!- JAA uw vid'br WKAOK H? is w '“lKQ\- as;- V: 0AA wkoit '\‘an\ \5 “MA" 4 V. (I QIMA m wad-or m3 m reek number) on“ Stale. 4L0. vac-hr. (:37 is '“9. vac—bf wkosz \amg‘bx is k:\ rhms 4b.. \MS'L a? V one “Nose. 3 Eve ck“ is 4&th a? 1} i—C c5 C) 'L opposik LC c_<o I’r‘s mere. commie/1t it: use. (AWL‘DIMQ. quu "“NM fomdvio. om. To give. "cooré'mo\-ts“ ‘b as «Chg we. flaw. ‘H/L 5rd“ «E (0,0,5) a») 59.2. yak/IN L Hp \onés. IK- w. M; x; ac («1,955») HM ALL mam—o OF L “cw oM. (a, \o c]? Mk JILL 4) rarHv 4km (H) \Ied'ors M not folhht Sow. ngs m 8.06% \nwf—z aéai‘cicm k $.on WWH‘ Ore. Coordinok-Mw 40.,\a,c_>+ (673,53: 40m) ,b+e, C.+'F> cg-(o‘dom) = 0311, 342,34.) N 0 s 6.05»; 5m recowv '“4. \e/giA Rom 4k coodiAaJ-Q: §=<qbc§ \V\ = ACO o a r wow ‘0‘ p05 0 p05 6F 3““ +ol\ ‘1? ...
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