Lecture13 - LELMNQ ’ If:ka J? Hulkphers...

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Unformatted text preview: LELMNQ ’ If:ka J? Hulkphers Guenem\\'3& 1—D ndViovv K: F is cud‘inuous cM [wk—.1, Wu F has on o.\nso\uk. maximum MA on a‘oao\u\t. mm. mt Chm) “ails Lat-MAS 'polun'h Cm.“ 0AA QMQ‘Mang 'F(.°\\,;Cb\), and “Def: A set X in (RI is bounckd a? Hr is mama 'm we. M be“ ’— in “1. \A. / ? *7/41; Dig. -)A Point CA (to. boméo’a TEE o? X. i? Ev q\\ r>o) ‘nv-L 0PM aisl OLACX,0~3(P \AOG Po'm‘h in X and nu}: 'm X , / km W a“ home? we). “a chc-UP ' ’V‘C’LW“ /’ ~>I<.‘-'1>‘3\Vr\\3 in X ox\\ 0? 1‘9: boméma yomfi. so @ <— oxma {[_/_/_//, mar cloud 1’ M\5Slfit m \Oounawg is as CMArt. (1e Sow-QMAMS i-Jum) 1am X is dosea m3 MA if f is conancus, “Ln ¥ \AQS ‘>Mboméjfi_fléocx'|5‘"—le£dp m a\oso\o\-<. maximum «5 an quokuk M\V\\W\UW\. How 30 we. fine ® Fina cvi‘n'cak 'Po'wxb 4" coax/I Coum «we; ® Mood/ha. 54‘ w‘KnKmq on M4. \ocm‘go’a Q) Is no; \norJ rA gong-4A NV"? Lagravfln, mu\k?\\ivs, God: unawch how *0 «m:de Manamaag $5.33 my} 5 [$.33 M sow-L ow“: <3Cu.~3‘)=o. Mord Iézm: 2: F(y,\3\ dacng “ht-L Lari/W 5‘: a mouA-o‘m %(x.~a\=o Aeswabu m lag-“A m M (Ma) 1AM ——> a ’PQ'HA 0“ h mom\‘oun. TOPO Mo‘P: m MOM;MVW\ "Is ‘Hr-k ?o(n£ on 'WL “WW-Q. ‘HvL 1:0er 3mg=o is *0 "Wk lwd cuvvt. l? W. "HM movivfi m m“ owxowd' {30%;er of deCdeS aim m (DMD/fix. m (‘H-L dweokonn‘ aerwmkv-e is non—5w in L. dwckn a? ‘WL 7) no]: (A: 0. Max or Mm. é Maximm 0AA m‘m'lm ochr‘ w\nU\ Sam p. “CH/ma 0‘: Lagmng; Pfu\\x“?\\'ers '. Rug 0.“ [*.3\ P SNL. 6) Wm»: v 53% (7}) (36933 = o E$AM‘=\_-_I Mankind-5e, 4“; gram of 0‘ rec,qu W “M. 13¢,ka go_ 'Imwim+ 'PSCXM: :(x $6.33: W: #3 _ ‘3 BLT-1‘33: ax-raav 30 (PU'w‘.ao\ Z“ 3323 Z? *3” §=> g = x: a ) P => le-RO=o Shula—20:0 :7 x: =5 (so P: 5/7.) ? max °m=- Eh W3 a :8: 3px 3; “A‘QPQPEP $1+~31=\ X=ap7 $11351 # ($333331 So lam“ Llpl :0 310+ 14¢) = t L? 3-0, 44M \3LLI+HPL)=\ £0\\\S ‘ I? Apt-u +t- WEI/a, L QuaH .», \agi/z X: a” = = EVE So \ooK 0+ 4"”- ?o'mt (1.5% (Vfivvfijl ['\/fi,‘/\fi->, (‘ISZI’V‘EJ’ (Wand/5i) 5/ ¥(r®= 71, '77— , 4/1 ) 7?. mantimwm: 1/2. minimum: "/1. \le/na \i\'\'\e. W5 “HI/x “WV-u. vw{m\o\£si To Gael £%\Y€—W\O~ o? {JG-~39) soWoSed‘ —\-o caCmmfj = C) CD RAA o.\\ Poin‘rs (1.513%). SrL. fifo..3,z_3= $536.57.) <3(x.~3,7_)=o ® 'F\u%‘i¢\ M52. and [00K 19V blgznj+ ismhs‘E ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/24/2009 for the course CALC 2401 taught by Professor Stojanovic during the Spring '09 term at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Lecture13 - LELMNQ ’ If:ka J? Hulkphers...

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