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January 13 Notes. - January 13, 2009. The History of...

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January 13, 2009. The History of Broadcasting. What does framework mean? (5 factors) o People o Institutional developments—stuff that happens within that industry. o Key technological innovations. Mass media is fundamentally defined by its technology. o Important regulations. It’s not something that’s done in the personal life—it’s in the public arena. Consequently, it is structured by regulatory framework. o Historical events. Impact upon the growth of media technology. Four Recurring Factors: o These impact all media. o Not necessarily ranked in any order. Technological innovation. Every 6 months, there is a new twist or model to these. Capitalistic exploitation. Diffferent societies have different rates of change because they do not have the same system. Governmental regulation. Historical interventions. How do these factors work? o By interaction. o Each phase of the development of broadcasting has one or more of these four factors interacting.
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Inventors: o James Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz Demonstrated the existence of electromagnetic radiations, energy waves that traveled through space rather than connected through a wire. Electromagnetic radiation is the base of all mass media. o Marconi Built the first radio transmitter and receiver. The first wireless transmission was sent in December 1901. Marconi’s system send only dots and dashes, not human voices. o Fessenden and Deforest Reginald Fessenden built a high-speed alternator that alloed for the the generation of a continuous radio wave that could be transformed to carry speech. Lee Deforest invented the Audion which allowed for the amplification of weak radio signals. *** This is the interaction of people and technologies that affects how media develops at this point.*** Interactions: o Legal wrangling over the potential and patents of radio between Marconi’s company and companies wanting to use radio (GE, ATT, Westinghouse) held up the development of radio. o The onset of WW1 led the govt in the interests of national security to give control of radio to the navy. o
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January 13 Notes. - January 13, 2009. The History of...

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