January 22 Notes.

January 22 Notes. - Television Seeing From Afar...

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Television: Seeing From Afar. Television: “Seeing from far away.” TV begins with the idea that elements of a isual scene can be scanned and broken down into a series of tiny electrical signals that can be transmitted and reassembled in a receiver. Inventors: o Vladadmir Zwoorykin: Invented the electronic scanner Iconoscope. o Philo Franswoth: The image dissector. Events… o Television was first unveiled at the 1929 NY World’s Fair. o David Sarnoff, the head of RCA called it: “An art form so important in its implications that it is bound to affect all society.” Growth of Television: o Developments in radar, experiments, and WWII. o Stars and audience shift to TV from radio. o Early TV programs (Milton Berle, Ed Sullivan). o The creation of national audiences. o Grwoth of post war TV (frantic unregulated growth). o This led to freeze on new station growth by the FCC. The Freeze—1848-1952: o Sixth report and order endes Freeze in 1952. o Channel assignments. o Color TV and UHF Radio Adjusts to TV: o Decline of radio nets as mass market advertising moved to TV. o
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January 22 Notes. - Television Seeing From Afar...

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