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Lab 5: Overview of Lab 5: 1. Demonstration on kneading and rolling pasta dough 2. Prepare assigned recipes 3. Pasta Presentation (while pasta dough rests) 4. Evaluate the sensory properties of four of the pasta products plain and four of the pasta sauces mixed with pasta 5. Training on nutrient analysis program will be available during lab. Objectives: The student should be able to: 1. Understand the principles of menu planning 2. Apply principles of meal planning for the meal planning assignment 3. Prepare and compare prepared pasta
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FOOD SCIENCE PRINCIPLES FOR PASTA 1. Pasta is low in fat, high in carbohydrate and moderate in plant protein. Most pasta is enriched with B vitamins and iron. 2. Homemade pasta is superior in flavor and texture to commercial pasta, but the extensive preparation time limits its popularity. Pasta made from durum flour cooks more quickly than that made from durum semolina but it is stickier and has less of a “bite”. 3.
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Lab_5 - Lab 5 Pasta Sauces Overview of Lab 5 1...

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