oct 8 - and confidence Her board members turned on her and...

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American Red Cross: I. Situation/Crises: a. Eternal problems: i. blood collection ii. Sept 11 iii. Hurricane Katrina b. disconnect between national and local chapters c. Senator Grassley d. designated as “ primary agency” under National Response Plan e. huge organization f. CEO turnover. 3 in 10 years Public confidence : trust in the organization evaporated. That’s the biggest problem II. Structure/governance a. board too big III. Leadership: 3 diff CEOs, all had unique problems IV. grassroots versus top-down/national Small Board v. Large board: personal relationships are important regardless of size. 12 ppl from the board were presidential appointees. They didn’t care to show up. Healy: what mistakes did she make with board members on Liberty Fund issue: redirected money for Sept 11 victims to other causes. Strategy was right, but she didn’t tell the board, and lost public trust
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Unformatted text preview: and confidence. Her board members turned on her, and chastised her in public. Strong women hired to lead the Red Cross to change the culture/practice of the Red Cross. Their autocratic style tended to clash with the culture of the Red Cross. CEO/Board Partnership Appointees Chapters (836): central v. local Conflict of Interest: presidential appointees # of committees blood services vs. disaster relief • blood needs to be centralized and controlled. Controls on quality, process, distribution. • disaster relief must be immediate, and control should decentralized to respond to various emergencies fraud (NJ) trust: board terms Allegheny Washington and Lee Thruway Authority Colgate UVA EACUBU ACLU...
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oct 8 - and confidence Her board members turned on her and...

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