Chap.31 and 31 Notes - Lactobacillus ) Development...

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Chapter 30 and 31: Normal Flora of the Human Body and Nonspecific Immunity Mutualistic Antagonism Contribute to non-specific immunity Non-harmful microbes growing on skin creates competition btw normal flora and ‘would be’ pathogen for  space, nutrients, and water If pathogen colonize host it will have to continue competiting to establish a disease Normal Human Flora Microorganism found on and in bodies of healthy individuals Have mutualistic relationship with their host Have antagonisitic relationship with ‘would be’ pathogen Relationships is referred to as mutualistic anatgonism Establishment of Normal Flora Fetus in uterus = sterile Colonization begins at birth with contact with food, other people, air, and linens Intestinal flora varies depending on if infant are nursed ( BifidobacteriumI)  or bottle-fed (
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Unformatted text preview: Lactobacillus ) Development continues and changes with age, stress, diet, and antibiotic therapy Different locations of Flora Skin o Transient (temp) population occur on the surface o Resident populations live in deeper layers, glands, and follicles o Genera varies depending on area examined (moist/dry) o Slightly acidic pH from sweat or oil glands o Sebum = antimicrobial except to Proprionbacterium that causes pimples Oral cavity o Must be able to resist mechanical removal Flushed with ingestion of food and liquids Continuous sheeding of squamous epithelial cells also removes bacteria o Species may cause cavities and gum disease Attachment by glycocalyx forms to enamel on teeth Nasal cavity o Located in nostril and nasopharnyx, Upper respiratory tract (oropharnyx) o Similar to nasopharynx Stomach...
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Chap.31 and 31 Notes - Lactobacillus ) Development...

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