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Anxiety intergration paragraph

Anxiety intergration paragraph - attitude always has a high...

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Devin Miertschin EDP 310 3-30-09 Anxiety/Attitude Anxiety and attitude are related very closely. In order to have a lower anxiety level a person must be good when they self talk to themselves. Thus, in order to self talk in a positive way a person must have a good attitude towards the situation that is causing there anxiety to be high. If a person has a high level of anxiety it is because they cannot control it, just like attitude, anxiety is controllable by a person. If a person has a low level of anxiety then they have to ability to self talk in a positive way with a positive attitude towards the situation. A person with a negative
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Unformatted text preview: attitude always has a high level of anxiety because they are not able to control their emotions about the situation that lies ahead. Although, unlike anxiety attitude is visible to others because people can tell if a person has a positive attitude towards life, while anxiety or nervous, a person can hide it within themselves. Finally, in order to have a low level of anxiety a person must have the ability to be positive when a situation has arisen in there way of success or failure. Thus, in order to be positive a person must have a positive attitude towards life and life’s outcomes....
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