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Test Taking Strategy Notes

Test Taking Strategy Notes - Devin Miertschin EDP 310 Test...

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Devin Miertschin EDP 310 4-20-09 Test Taking Strategy Notes What are test strategies? o Strategies that will help you survive college tests. o Effective test performance depends on both preparation strategies and test-taking strategies. Test preparation and taking tests it is critical to know: what the test will cover how many questions will be on the test the type or types of questions that will be on the test how long I will have to complete the test P.E.- When I know all the information above it really helps me lower my anxiety for the test. For example, in my kinesiology class I went to the teacher and asked him what the test was like. He answered all the questions above and I was able to make study question before the test. I ended up making a B on the test because I knew all the information above which relaxed me and I was able to focus more while I was studying and not worry about the format of the test. Steps that are necessary for doing well on a test Step 1: Preparing before the test, Step 2: What I do during the test, Step 3: What I do after the test is over How to find test question: Course Syllabus
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