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Devin Miertschin EDP 310 2-19-09 Unit One Application Explanation The purpose of my Rhetorical analysis class is grounded around controversies. Where we engage in the selection, research, and analysis of controversies in order to better understand the complexity of arguments as well to read and write critical arguments. One of the goals is to suspend our judgments and investigate the way we construct our opinions as well as how we, as citizens, should critically engage with the controversies which concern our communities. We also look at the methods by which speakers and writers persuade the audiences and influence behavior. Assignments 12 chapters in the Blind Side Book 6 chapters in Good Reasoning Book 3 Reasearch Summaries 6 Papers 2 Rhetorical Analysis papers
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Unformatted text preview: 1 Oral Presentation Feelings My feeling towards my Rhetoric and writing class are mixed for many reasons. First, I am a good writer and can write about any topic that I do extensive research on. Second, my feelings toward my professor are very distasteful because she singles out athletes in the class for different reasons. Also she talks bad about athletes during the class, which is really insulting to me while non-athletes find it hilarious. Beside that I feel that the class is very interesting because we discuss article people published and find flaws in their views. I am looking forward to the material we discuss and read but not looking forward to sitting in class and listening to the professor bash athletics....
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