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Reading 5 - Michael Urban BITM 2701-LS Professor Shim...

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Michael Urban BITM 2701-LS Professor Shim 11/26/08 Reading 5 Bruce Mengler, a computer hacker from Solana Beach, California, has been charged with extortion and illegally accessing a protected Computer. Mengler used a program to gain access to the names and addresses of many people who owned Maserati’s. He then threatened to publicly announce the names and addresses to the media unless a significant amount of money was given to him. He hoped that Maserati would give him as much as he wanted to keep his mouth shut because if word got out that Maserati had a security breach, people would be less likely to buy their automobiles. This all could have been avoided if Maserati’s website had better security and had more security checks in place. There are many different types of login security that Maserati could have used in order to be sure that this information was not put in the wrong hands. One type of login security is CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA, which stands for C ompletely A utomated P ublic
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