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Reading 7 - Michael Urban BITM 2701-LS Professor Shim...

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Michael Urban BITM 2701-LS Professor Shim Reading 7 Phishing has emerged as the main way that identity thieves steal information. Phishing is a scam where criminals use fake websites and misleading emails to deceive people into disclosing private information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account information, or passwords. Personally, I have encountered phishing on several occasions. I constantly receive emails telling me that I have won some type of foreign lottery. The email asks for personal information like name, phone number, job information, and address. I have also encounter phishing on websites. “Phishers” will often set up a website that looks and acts like a major website (MySpace for example) and then when you enter your username and password into the fields on this fake website, they now have that information. I have encountered this a few times and even had my password stolen and changed. I have even
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