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Unformatted text preview: Michael Urban BITM 2701-LS Professor Shim Reading #9 Piracy is a huge issue in today’s technologically advanced world. It is important for the younger generation to be aware of the laws surrounding downloading copyrighted information. One such action is the Digital Theft Act, on which RIAA lawsuits are based. The Digital Theft act is a law created so that the federal government can criminally prosecute an individual for copyright infringement. This includes copyright infringement where there is no revenue earned. Violation of this law carries very hefty fines and can even contain prison terms for up to five years. Some people have brought up the issue of whether or not the Digital Theft Act is constitutional. A Harvard Law professor, Charles Nesson, is filing a counterclaim on behalf of a man Joel Tenenbaum. Joel was sued for the RIAA for copyright infringement, as he was found man Joel Tenenbaum....
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