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PROPOSITIONS ADDRESSING CULTURAL MORAL RELATIVISM The mores, practices, of a culture/society dictate how actions are judged morally right or wrong. There is no “universal” moral standard that would apply everywhere to everybody for all time. Cultural moral relativists do not require or insist on a well-reasoned foundation for a society’s moral practices. They simply argue, for the most part, that “our culture/society has always done it that way.” Cultural moral relativists not only maintain that there are differences in moral practices across cultures but also that no action can be judged morally right or wrong independently of those practices. For that reason, there is no way to argue that any one culture’s practices are better or worse than another’s. Cultural moral relativists would not welcome moral reformers; there is no reason to need or to expect moral progress or improvement in a society. It is logically fallacious to conclude that because there is a diversity of
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Unformatted text preview: moral practices in the world, there can be no universal moral standard. ♦ Overlap of cultural practices in a culturally pluralistic society makes it impossible to make an impartial judgement as to whose practices should prevail. In the end, the only solution seems to be that the majority overrules the minority. ♦ A “multi-culturalist attitude” means that one may be tolerant of the moral practices of other cultures but still not approve of cultural moral relativism. ♦ Even among cultures with different moral practices, there may be considerable underlying uniformity (e.g., uniform disapproval of homicide, cruelty, theft, lying, respect for the dead, importance of marriage customs for the well-being of society). ♦ One possible precept (command) derived from cultural moral relativism is that anyone ought to act in conformity with the moral standards of his or her group....
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