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FORMAL AND MATERIAL COOPERATION DEFINITIONS: Formal: 1. An action is done intentionally in support of some immoral enterprise; 2. The action receives the same moral description as the immoral act it is part of. Material: 1. The action is not morally wrong in itself; 2. The action is being used by someone else to further his or her immoral purposes; 3. The agent has no intention of participating in the immoral act. Nine ways to cooperate formally in another person’s immoral act according to one natural law moralist: 1. By command (you either falsify that revenue projection or you will lose your job). 2. By consent ( As your boss, I think it would be a good idea to lie on your expense voucher and pick up a little extra cash for yourself.) 3. By provocation: (you should lie to the auditors looking at that financial report or
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Unformatted text preview: you’ll find yourself in a lot of trouble.) 4. By praise or flattery (you’ll look good in the executive suite—even if you get there by lying about your performance.) 5. By concealment ( I’ll shred that incriminating document the SEC wants to see.) 6. By partaking (the two of us can steal this company blind) 7. By silence (I won’t tell anyone you took bribes on that last huge contract you awarded for the company.) 8. By defense of the ill done (You had no choice but to lie to the SEC on those back-dated stock options). 9. By counsel: (I would recommend you pass on the company’s trade secrets when you get your new job: that’s why the new company hired you anyway)....
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