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Study propositons for utilitarianism

Study propositons for utilitarianism - STUDY PROPOSITIONS...

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STUDY PROPOSITIONS FOR UTILITARIANISM (a) Utilitarianism’s moral standard is that the action which produces the most overall good consequences, on the whole, for the greatest number is morally right. (b) Utilitarianism is a fully consequentialist theory: only consequences count when judging whether an action is morally right or wrong. (c) By itself, an agent’s motive is not relevant to making a moral judgment about an action. (d) An act utilitarian might have to directly harm an innocent person or commit some other injustice in order to bring about greater good consequences on the whole. (e) It may be difficult for a utilitarian to determine the reach, the extent of the population that will be affected by his or her action. (e) For an act utilitarian, as long as overall good consequences result from the act, the end justifies the means. (f) For the utilitarian, no act like murder, theft, deceit, lying, rape or torture is ever morally wrong in itself, just because of the kind of act it is. No action is ever judged
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