Letter from Alcatraz

Letter from Alcatraz - Michael Urban 12 Pinnacle Point...

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November 23, 2008 Michael Urban 12 Pinnacle Point Randolph, NJ 07869 Judge Godwin Kotey P.O. Box 949 Hollywood, CA 90078 Dear Honorable Judge Godwin: I am writing to you from Morris County Correctional Facility, where I am imprisoned for what the media has been calling excessive and unnecessary protest. I have been criticized for my actions and therefore I feel that I should have an opportunity to expand on my thoughts in my own defense. I would first like to explain to you why I have been placed here in Alcatraz for the third time. I have been sentenced here as punishment for my outspoken attempts to protest the recent bill that would make teaching religion in public schools illegal. Why do I feel so strongly about this issue that I am willing to be imprisoned multiple times? The answer is simple. I find it hard to sit back and watch as this continent, which was traveled to in order to practice religion, and this country which was created upon religious principles, has strayed so far from its original roots. Many people are wary of my protests because they know that I am an avid Christian and believe strongly in Jesus Christ. The media has misconstrued my protests, and has portrayed me as a “bible-waving extremist”, that wants to force all children to memorize the Bible word for word during school. But, this is far from who I am and what I would like to see. As I look back through my life I can remember the many instances where I nearly turned my back upon God because of the many rules, laws, guidelines, creeds, rituals, statutes, idols, and commandments. But, as I searched for myself, I learned that it is not about all these things at all, but rather it about the key principles which the Bible and other religious documents teach. There
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are many uplifting principles in every religion
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Letter from Alcatraz - Michael Urban 12 Pinnacle Point...

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