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TERMS sheet exam1 - TERMS Art Music: While often used to...

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TERMS Art Music: While often used to refer primarily to Western historical classical music , the term may refer to: The classical musics of several different cultures around the world. Modern and contemporary art music , including electronic art music , experimental (art) music and minimalist music , as well as other forms. Some forms of jazz , excluding most forms generally considered to be popular music. Jazz is generally considered as popular music ( Adorno for example refers to jazz as some kind of popular music [15] )But some more technical forms of jazz have blurred borders between art music and popular music. Popular Music: is music that is accessible to the general public and disseminated by one or more of the mass media . Folk Music: In American culture , folk music refers to the American folk music revival , music exemplified by such musicians as Woody Guthrie , Leadbelly , Pete Seeger , Ramblin' Jack Elliott , Bob Dylan , Phil Ochs , Tom Paxton , and Joan Baez , who popularized and encouraged the lyrical style in the 1950s and 1960s. Secular Music: is non- sacred music that developed in the Middle Ages . Secular music in the Middle Ages included love songs, political satire , dances, and dramatic works. Drums , harps , recorders , and bagpipes were the instruments used in secular music because they were easy for the traveling musicians to tote around. Sacred Music: is music performed or composed for religious use or through religious influence. Opera:
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TERMS sheet exam1 - TERMS Art Music: While often used to...

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