Swimming Basics

Swimming Basics - Increase our endurance Increase our...

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Wait an hour before swimming (only a big meal) Always want to have food in your stomach Must drink 8, 8 oz of water a day. 2 most common diuretics are caffeine and alcohol Need water if your thirsty or have headaches. Frequency (Min 3x a week) Intensity (Cardio = 60% - 85% ) Time 20-30 min (in Cardio zone) Type (Variety) 4 types of exercise Cardio Muscular strength Muscular Endurance Flexibility Swimming does all 4 Swim against 12-15 PSI in the water If you stretch before warm up you can tear something. 5 reasons to warm up Increase heart rate Increase body temp Blood flowing to our extremities
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Unformatted text preview: Increase our endurance Increase our coordination Only hold static stretches for 10 sec cuz you will lose what you did if you go longer than that. Dynamic stretching is the best kind of stretching after warm up, It opens up our range of motion. Then Workout Cool down Bring down heart rate Bring down body temp Prevent the blood from acclimating in the extremities. Help prevent some soreness Stretch Holding for a min of 30 secs Increase flexibility Help prevent injuries Help prevent soreness Doctors are trying to get people to exercise more...
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Swimming Basics - Increase our endurance Increase our...

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