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exam2_2002 solutions - 0000000000110000 x300a...

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Texas at Austin EE 379K Fall 2000 Y. N. Patt, Instructor TAs: Kathy Buchheit, Laura Funderburg, Chandresh Jain, Onur Mutlu, Danny Nold, Kameswar Subramanian, Francis Tseng, Brian Ward Solutions to Exam 2 Problem 1 Part 1 There's no memory location xF401. Part 2 LDR 2 STI 3 LEA 1 TRAP 2 Part 3 0010 001 100001000 Problem 2 Part a Symbol Address AGAIN x3002 ASCII x3009 NEG x300A CRTSR x300B CRTDR x300C Address Instruction x3000 0010000000001001 x3001 0010001000001010 x3002 1010010000001011 x3003 0000011000000010
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x3004 1011000000001100 x3005 0001000000100001 x3006 0001010000000001 x3007 0000101000000010 x3008 1111000000100101 x3009
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Unformatted text preview: 0000000000110000 x300a 1111111111000110 x300b 1111001111111100 x300c 1111001111111111 Part b Outputs 0123456789 to the console. Problem 3 A determines whether or not the branch will be taken. Problem 4 0110 101 011 001001 Problem 5 The linkage back to the main program is lost. ( JSR B overwrites R7 which contains the return link.) Problem 6 Bug 1 .FILL x30000 Too big value, cannot be represented in 16 bits. Assemble-time error. Bug 2 JSR SQRT SQRT is not on the same page as instruction JSR SQRT . Link-time error. Problem 7 Filled blanks in order: LD R3, NEGENTER STR R0, R1, #0 ADD R1, R1, #1 STR R2, R1, #0 Note that .BLKW does NOT initialize a memory location with 0's....
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exam2_2002 solutions - 0000000000110000 x300a...

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