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Control Number:_______ Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering The University of Texas at Austin EE 306 Fall 2002 Yale Patt, Instructor TAs: Asad Bawa, Linda Bigelow, Mustafa Erwa, Lester Guillory, Kevin Major, Moinuddin Qureshi, Paroma Sen, Santhosh Srinath, Matt Starolis, David Thompson, Vikrant Venkateshwar Exam 2, November 20, 2002 Name (1 point)_________________________________________________ TA Name (1 point)______________________________________________ Problem 1 (18 points) :_________________ Problem 2 (15 points) :_________________ Problem 3 (10 points) :_________________ Problem 4 (10 points) :_________________ Problem 5 (10 points) :_________________ Problem 6 (15 points) :_________________ Problem 7 (20 points) :_________________ Total (100 points) :____________________ Note: Please be sure that your answers to all questions (and all supporting work that is required) are contained in the space provided. Note: Please be sure your name is recorded on each sheet of the exam. 5 points will be deducted from the final grade for each page on which your name does not appear. GOOD LUCK!
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Name:__________________________________________________ Problem 1 (18 points): Part 1 (6 points): We have discussed in class two common ways to terminate a loop. One way uses a counter to keep track of the number of iterations. The other way uses an element called a __________________. The distinguishing characteristic of this element is (in ten words max): Part 2 (6 points): Recall that in class two weeks ago, a student noticed that the RET instruction is simply a special case of the JSRR instruction with the base register R7 and the offset #0. Thus, we can throw out the RET opcode as unnecessary. Several opcodes have been suggested as useful replacements: a. MOVE
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