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Lecture 9 worksheet - and remainder This equation gives a...

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EE319K Lecture 9 in class worksheet Question 1 . Write assembly code to add register A to register B, putting the sum in A. Question 2 . Write assembly code to add register D to register Y, putting the sum in Y. Question 3 . Assume we have a 16-bit counter defined in RAM (and initialized). Counter rmb 2 Write assembly code that adds 1 to this counter. Question 4 . Prove the mul instruction can’t overflow. Question 5 . Give a single mathematical equation relating the dividend, divisor, quotient,
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Unformatted text preview: and remainder. This equation gives a unique solution as long as you assume the remainder is strictly less than the divisor. Question 6 . Let N and M be 8-bit unsigned locations. Write assembly code to implement M=(7*N)/31. Question 7 . Write friendly code that makes Port T bit 0 an output. Question 8 . Write friendly code makes PT0 low....
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