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Sean Lyden September 25, 2008 Ethics Journal Entry #2 It’s been really interesting to see how ethics and morality have evolved throughout the years. I can relate to utilitarianism in a lot of ways because I do value the greater good. For the most part, I would always do what benefited the most people but there is definitely a line where it could cross over into evil things like genocide. I didn’t like how utilitarianism does not give you options, it doesn’t seem right to always do what would benefit the most people no matter what the cost especially when there is no way of know what the outcome will be. The Bentham utilitarianism was not nearly as good as Mills. I don’t see how you could think that life is all about maximizing pleasure. I loved how Mills talked about the joys of intellectual things instead of the hedonistic view of Bentham. It seems in today’s society that many people don’t recognize the joys of intellectual things and would rather watch TV. I agree that life is about finding happiness, along with inner peace and
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