EthicsJournal6 - about transforming here and now I imagine...

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Claire Uhl PHI 112 Ethics Professor Reed Harwood 13 November 2008 Journal # 6 For a moment, let’s assume that YOU are racist. How would this film help you shift your ethics? How would you go about transforming here and now? What can you do to shed your racism? Honestly I don’t think that a racist would decide to shift their ethics in response to a movie. Instead I see this movie as a point of second guessing oneself. I don’t think it is until someone personally experiences something that they change. If a racist were put in jail just like Derek and put to work with a black man, then it is possible for a change. This movie may make some KKK member’s laugh rather than upset; if a person can hate a certain colored skinned man he may not find injury or death toward those colored skinned person. If this movie happened to help me shift my ethics I’m not sure how I would go
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Unformatted text preview: about transforming here and now. I imagine it would be quite difficult to be a part of such a hateful group as Derek did and tell them you changed your mind. In my perspective I could see a member of the KKK resigning from his group, his friends, and insults them by doing so. For example, in the movie Derek turned his back on one of his white supremacist buddies in jail and got punished for it in the showers. In order to shed my racism I would first try to move. I would want to be in a place where people did not know me. If this were not possible I think I would have a very hard time living my life. If I had nasty tattoos such as Derek did I would pay a tattoo artist to destroy my tattoos, big black squares, whatever. Lastly, I would try to be involved with members of other races whether it be being friendly to a co-worker or getting to know someone as a friend....
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EthicsJournal6 - about transforming here and now I imagine...

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