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EthicsJournal7 - justice.” “In war one can attack an...

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Claire Uhl PHI 112 - Ethics Professor Reed Harwood 20 November 2008 Journal # 7: David Luban Towards the middle of David Luban’s “Hybrid War – Law Approach” he writes, “No doubt there are other significant differences as well. But the basic point should be clear: given Washington’s mandate to eliminate the danger of future 9/11s, so far as humanly possible the model of war offers important advantages over the model of law.” My first response to this was negative. The four examples of the Model of War (“War but not in law it is permissible to use lethal force on enemy troops regardless of their degree of personal involvement with the adversary.” “In war but not in law “collateral damage, that is, foreseen but unintended killing of non-combatatants, is permissible.” “The requirements of evidence and proof are drastically weaker in war than in criminal
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Unformatted text preview: justice.” “In war one can attack an enemy without concern over whether he has done anything.) in my opinion, are not strengths nor do they bring any real advantages. First of all, we went into war on terrorism due to the terrorist attack made by the al Qaeda, yet we are attacking many people who have nothing to do with al Qaeda. I do not think it is right of us to kill anyone we feel threatened by so that we are not killing innocent people in massive numbers. I think that our careless ethics of war are just making people around the world angrier and angrier. Are we trying to solve a problem or are we trying to wipe out anyone in suspicion? It is because of our careless approaches to killing that many turn against us....
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EthicsJournal7 - justice.” “In war one can attack an...

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