Sociology2 - What is Sociology? Module 1B The Research...

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What is Sociology? – Module 1B The Research Process I. Introduce lecture II. What is the scientific research method? A. The set methods and different approaches sociologists use to determine whether or not societies are bad/good. B. Most use scientific research methods i. Compare explanations to the real world ii. If my explanations are correct, what should I find in the real world? III. Sociological explanations differ from opinion and common sense in at least 4 ways because sociologists use scientific research methods. A. Sociological explanation and research are informed by past research. B. When sociologists conduct research they typically test several competing explanations at the same time i. Give all the explanations a common weight and see which one is valid ii. Less biased than common sense. C. Sociologists follow strict rules for gathering data to ensure that the data they gather accurately represents the real world D. Sociologists turn their explanations into testable research hypotheses IV. Today’s Question: Has income inequality between blacks and whites increases since 1970? If so, why? V. The different steps in the scientific research process (see on-line research process diagram and notes): A. Research topic
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B. Research question C. Theoretical explanations: theories and models D. Testable Hypotheses E. Data i. Quantitative or qualitative 1. Qualitative examples
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Sociology2 - What is Sociology? Module 1B The Research...

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