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The Three Main Sociological Perspectives – Module 2 I. Introduce lecture A. Four important sociological questions a. WHAT keep society together b. What keeps it from falling apart c. What keeps society from experiencing society from experiencing social chaos d. How do we maintain social order B. The three basic approaches taken to answering these questions a. Structural Functionalism b. Conflict Theory c. Symbolic Interactions II. Approach 1: Structural Functionalism A. The theory 1. Institutions: The large scale social structures that societies develop to meet their needs and solve their problems (the family, the educational system, the political and judicial system, the health care system, religion) 2. Social order 1. Consensus of values and morals 2. Organization are bound together by their interdependence and so cooperation is needed 3. Equilibrium 1. All parts are working properly 2. Major institution are healthy 4. Stability= Good, Change= Bad 5. Social Change, disequilibrium, and adaptation 1. Adaptation to changes in society, recovery from depression, war, more or less agriculture B. Problems with the theory
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1. Fail to account for social change 2. It overlooks conflict, coercion and oppression 1. There is more discrepancy in moral values than the theory accounts for 2. Cant talk about power and decision making 3. It assumes we all have common values 4. It justifies inequality 1. If its in society it must have a function and needs to be there 2. Inequality is then natural and necessary 5. Offers a conservative view of society 6. Equilibrium is very rare 1. Change is always happening 7. Social conflict and coercion are ubiquitous III. Approach 2: Conflict theory A. The theory 1. Social stability is very rare 2. Conflict leads to change. 3.
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Sociology3 - The Three Main Sociological Perspectives...

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