Sociology5 - Module 4 Bureaucracy and Global...

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Module 4 – Bureaucracy and Global Interdependence I. Introduce lecture A. Lecture overview B. Why do consumers purchase products such as fast food hamburgers and Nike shoe a. Cheaper b. Name Brand c. Status symbol d. Comfort/ expectancy e. Individuality C. Why do companies produce these goods? To make a profit a. Cut costs b. Advertising c. Convince consumers they need the good II. How do companies make profits? A. By obtaining cheap land, resources, and labor (often found in other countries) B. Through hierarchical, bureaucratic organization C. We will talk about points ‘A’ and ‘B’ in turn III. Examples of products made using cheap land, resources, and/or labor (I probably will not discuss all these examples) A. Hamburgers 1. Effects on people in South America and Central America i. Rainforest areas cut down for soy plants to feed cattle ii. 1/3 of Mexico’s land is for grain and soybeans, and ¼ of Brazil iii. Less food supply for the people which result in an increase in the price of grain iv. Many tribal people and peasant are forced from their home v. Demand for cheap beef in US> Exploitation of cheap land in C.A. & S.A. > High food prices & land expropriation > Social unrest, civil war,
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Sociology5 - Module 4 Bureaucracy and Global...

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