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Sociology7 - -Result largely from decisions of leaders of...

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Work and Production Chapter focuses on the role that computing and information technology play in: - Automation and job loss - Capital mobility - Runaway shops- Shop that leaves the area in which its located and moves somewhere else- creates poverty and economic instability and unemployment - Deindustrialization- when a region has enough of its factories and businesses close, it experiences dramatic economic repercussions - Leads to high unemployment, high poverty levels, neighborhood deteriorations and in extreme cases can lead to economic and social deterioration of urban areas and sometimes entire cities Why these transformations occur?
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Unformatted text preview: -Result largely from decisions of leaders of large corporations-Corporate executives respond to changes in social institutions and stock holder pressure-CEOs profit from moving the shops-They are not hurt by moving there business to somewhere else, the people that are actually hurt by these things do not run the companies Link to:-Marx-The interest of those that own businesses and of those that work for the businesses have separate interests-The workers build the wealth of a nation not the owners-Marx and Michael Moore-Poverty-Black inner-city poverty...
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