Chapter 3 Notes

Chapter 3 Notes - Water and the Fitness of the Environment...

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Water and the Fitness of the Environment Chapter 3 Facts Life on earth began in water and evolved there for 3 billion years before spreading onto land. Molecules of water participate in many chemical reactions necessary to sustain life Most cells are surrounded by water, and cells themselves are made of 70-95% water Polarity Water molecule is rather simple o Shaped something like a wide V o With two hydrogen atoms attached to the oxygen o Attached with covalent bonds Oxygen is more electronegative than hydrogen, o The electrons of the covalent bonds are closer to the oxygen, rather than the hydrogen Polar molecule- two ends of a molecule have opposite charges o The oxygen region is more negative o The two hydrogen’s are more positive The positive hydrogen atoms are attracted to other water molecules o Two molecules are thus held together by a hydrogen bond Liquid o Water is in its liquid form Its hydrogen bonds are very fragile The hydrogen bonds are constantly forming and breaking with one another. Qualities of water o An emergent properties resulting from the hydrogen bonding that other molecules into a higher level of structural organization Cohesion Water molecules stay close to each other as a result of hydrogen bonding Cohesion is due to hydrogen bonds holding the substance together
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Chapter 3 Notes - Water and the Fitness of the Environment...

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