Economics - Economic Systems 1 Economics Concepts a...

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Economic Systems 1. Economics Concepts a. Production: i. Division of Labour, Value, Ownership b. Exchange i. Reciprocity (Generalized, Balanced, Negative), Redistribution, Market Exchange c. Sustainability 2. Types of Food Production Systems: a. Foraging b. Horticulture c. Pastoralism d. Agriculture e. Industrial Agriculture i. 3. Sustainability Revisited Lecture Functions to provide for our needs, one of the most basic needs is for food. In this class we will examine how societies participate in subsistence production Production suggests that human have transformed something from the natural environment into their own needs (something useful) When talking about production, we like to talk about value Like to change something and change it into something that has value (the act of production) 2 basic kinds of values. (simplified) Use-value and Exchange-value Use-value only (very hard to think of, possibly air, but not man made) Exchange-value only (money, … we could also use money …professor uses the example of using a dinner to keep window open. .) For main Questions: o Who produces what? Division of labour o Who has access to which resources? o How does everyone get what they need to survive? o Can a society reproduce itself through time? (sustainability) Division Labour Always a division of labour in every human society, no one does exactly the same tasks, there is a huge difference between how complex the division of labour
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Almost always a gender division of labour. Always find an age division of labour. The society that we are living in has an extremely complex division of labour. Gender division of Labour – that there is universal division of labour does not mean that we can predict exactly WHAT job each gender is going. Societies where everyone produces food versus ones where some people are
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Economics - Economic Systems 1 Economics Concepts a...

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