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moody study questions

moody study questions - in this period Part 3 College 1...

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History 1025 Spring 2009 Study Questions for Anne Moody, Coming of Age in Mississippi Part 1: Childhood 1. What were living conditions like for an African American sharecropping family in postwar Mississippi? 2. How does Anne Moody start to become aware of race as a force in her life? Why does this cause tensions between herself and her mother? 3. In a period when many white families, both North and South, are enjoying upward social and economic mobility, what job opportunities exist for Moody and her family? What economic gains do they make? What counts as upward mobility for Moody’s family? 4. What is the role of religion in Moody’s family’s life? Part 2: High School 1. How does the news about the murder of Emmett Till affect Moody? How do others (white and black) in her town respond? 2. As she becomes increasingly aware of racism and racist violence around her, how does Moody deal with this psychologically? 3. What do her various jobs suggest about economic opportunities for African Americans
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Unformatted text preview: in this period? Part 3: College 1. What is life in a southern black college like for Moody? Aside from her political activities, how do her experiences resemble and differ from your own? 2. How and why does Moody get drawn into civil rights organizing? 3. Describe some of the typical experiences that Moody has as a grass-roots participant in the civil rights movement. Part 4: The Movement 1. How does Moody’s deepening involvement in the civil rights movement affect her relations with family members? 2. What does participation in the movement mean to her? 3. What are some of the difficulties and dangers the SNCC workers face when working in Canton, Mississippi? 4. What impact does the Birmingham church bombing have on Moody? 5. How does Moody respond to John Kennedy’s assassination? 6. How do you interpret the ending? After all that has happened, what seems to be her attitude toward the movement, and toward the future?...
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