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Style/Ideas notes 9/12/08 Disjunct: can make for appealing and otherwise pieces Dissonance…has to do with the relationship between notes played at the same time Cadence… -movement pattern (march time) -series of chords, particularly at the end of a section. (harmonic) - a point of rest or release or relaxation in a melodic line (melodic) You can tell one is coming after a particularly long note ending a melodic phrase - almost anything can be used to mark a cadence Melody: base Retrograde: flipped Augmentation: broadening the melody, making it proportionally larger
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Unformatted text preview: Inversion: mirroring upside down of the intervals Retrograde inversion: backwards and mirrored Diminution: preserve relationship between notes, but shortened Scale : Set of notes arranged from low to high or high to low (usually at least 3) that become to basis or vocabulary for a larger set Modes: colors in some cultures, sex in some cultures, can only be performed at some time of day in some cultures, associated with certain emotions. Many cultures emphasize melodic modes over all else....
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