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Style/Ideas notes September 15, 2008 Paraphrase: keep tune but add things along the way Scale/mode always closely related. Octatonic- 8 notes w/in an octave with no repeat- symmetrical scale Whole tone scale- only whole steps between each of the successive notes in the scale Harmony: -melodic: horizontal sense -harmonic: vertical sense Pleasing interval: consonant Displeasing: dissonant Chord pattern and repetition Trade- two thirds stacked on top of each other
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Unformatted text preview: Functional harmony: goes somewhere by the progression Nonfunctional harmony: lack direction, no resolution. Individually could be pleasant, but as a successive pattern does not make sense technically. Aka nonfunctional Tonic: first/base note of scale. Dominant chord: feels like it doesnt settle anywhere, usually pushes you to a tonic. NEVER THE LAST CHORD IN A FUNCTIONAL PIECE...
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