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History 1025 Spring 2009 Paper Assignment on Anne Moody, Coming of Age in Mississippi Please answer one of the following questions in an essay of approximately five pages (that is, not less than four and not more than six pages of text, typed and double-spaced). I do not expect you to do any outside reading or research for this paper, beyond the regular assignments for the course. If you should choose to use outside materials or to cite or quote from any of the course readings, be sure in every instance to document with a footnote or endnote any use of another writer’s ideas, sentences, or distinctive phrases. Correct grammar, mechanics, and spelling are expected. The History department’s guidelines on “Writing Papers” and “Citing Works in History Papers” provide helpful information on writing conventions and technical matters, and will serve as the standard for you to follow. These documents are available on the department’s website under “Writing Guidelines,” at
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