Moore vs. U of California

Moore vs. U of California - Econ 404 5/12/2009 Moore vs. U...

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Unformatted text preview: Econ 404 5/12/2009 Moore vs. U of California Judge: A.J. Rothman Court: California Court of Appeals (Location, Date): California, July-November 1988 Plaintiff: John Moore Case Summary: Raises fundamental questions about a patient’s right to his own body, and whether the commercial exploitation of a patient’s cells by medical care providers without the patient’s consent gives rise to an action for damages. [First time this has happened.] In 1976 Moore’s spleen was removed and since then, the patient was continually monitored and for 7 years post operation, tissue samples were taken without informing Moore as to why. A cell line was produced from the patient’s cells which are capable of producing pharmaceutical products of enormous therapeutic and commercial value. By 1990, an estimated $3 billion can be obtained. Conversion – “a distinct act of dominion wrongfully exerted over another’s personal property in denial of or inconsistent with his title or rights therein … without the owner’s consent and without lawful...
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