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Rossby Waves Notes

Rossby Waves Notes - To understand this we need to look at...

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Rossby Waves - Ther are many types of waves in the ocean - Familiar swell waves (i.e. surf) rely on gravity as a restoring force. o Water above usual height, gravity pulls it back down. o Water below normal height, buoyancy pulls it back up. - Can we have waves with other forces? o Yes-other waves rely on the coriolis force as a restoring force - In the open ocean this waves are called planetary waves or Rossby Waves
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Unformatted text preview: To understand this, we need to look at he spin of the ocean water (or air!) and the spin of the earth Vorticity “Spin”) on weather maps Vorticity maximum: along the trough axis to left of the strongest flow. Both shear and curvature terms are positive Vorticity minimum: along the ridge axis to right of the strongest flow. Both shear and curvature tems are negative...
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