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exam 2 cheat sheet

exam 2 cheat sheet - ss of wisdom warfare handicrafts and...

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Unformatted text preview: ss of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts and reason dess of fertility, grain and harvest. Sister of zeus d of wine, parties the underworld od of fire+forge s of Marriage, women of flight, messenger of the gods ss of hearth and home d of the sea he Gods ge 1700-1100 0-900 od 900-700 700-600 d 600-480 od 480-323 shrine a te an Treasury at Delphi, 530-525 ew York Kouros, c. 600 Of the palace at Knossos and smaller ones like it at Phaestos, Mallia and elsewhere, Willetts says: [5] "These large palaces were central features of sizable cities... Apparently they were also administrative and religious centres of self-supporting regions of the island." Around 1450, the beginning of LM II, the Mycenaean Greeks must have moved into the palace of Knossos. They were well-established by 1400, if the Linear B tablets can be dated to then. The resulting LM II culture is not a break with the Minoan past. Minoan traditions continue under a new administration. However, the vase forms and designs became more and more Mycenaean in character with the Minoan past....
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