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Hwk1B - to nd the Celsius temperature at which the gas...

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PHYS 153 Homework 1B Problem 1 A demented scientist creates a new temperature scale, the ”Z-scale”. He decides to call the boiling point of nitrogen 0 Z and the melting point of iron 1000 Z. What is the boiling point of water on the Z scale? Problem 2 An experimenter using a gas thermometer found the pressure at the triple point of water (0 . 01 C) to be 4 . 80 × 10 4 Pa. (a) Assuming that the pressure varies linearly with temperature, use these two data points
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Unformatted text preview: to nd the Celsius temperature at which the gas pressure would be zero (that is, nd the Celsius temperature of absolute zero). (b) Does the gas in this thermometer obey Eq.(17.4) precisely? If that equation were precisely obeyed and the pressure at 100 C were 6 . 50 10 4 Pa, what pressure would the experimenter have measured at 0 . 01 C? 1 - 1...
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