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PHYS 153 Homework 2A Problem 1 As a new mechanical engineer for Engines Inc., you have been assigned to design brass pistons to slide inside steel cylinders. The engines in which these pistons will be used will operate between 20 . 0 C and 150 C. Assume that the coefficients of expansion are constant over this temperature range. (a) If the pistron just fits inside the chamber at 20 . 0 C, will the engines be able to run at higher temperatures? Explain. (b) If the cylindrical pistons are 25 . 000 cm in diameter at 20 . 0 C, what should be the minimum diameter of the cylinders at that temperature so the pistons will operate at 150 . 0 C? Problem 2 While painting the top of an antenna 225 m in height, a worker accidentally lets a 1 . 00 L water bottle fall from his lunch box. The bottle lands in some bushes at ground level and does not break. If a quantity of heat equal to the magnitude of the change in mechanical energy of the water goes into the water, what is its increase in temperature?
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