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PHYS 153 Homework 5B Problem 1 Three moles of an ideal gas are taken around the cycle abc shown in the figure below. For this gas, C p = 29 . 1 J / mol · K. Process ac is at constant pressure, process ba is at constant volume, and process cb is adiabatic. The temperatures of the gas in states a , c , and b are T a = 300 K, T c = 492 K, and T b = 600 K. Calculate the total work W for the cycle. Problem 2 A monatomic ideal gas expands slowly to twice its original volume, doing 300 J of work in the process. Find the heat added to the gas and the change in internal energy of the gas if
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Unformatted text preview: the process is (a) isothermal; (b) adiabatic; (c) isobaric. Problem 3 The engine of a Ferrari F355 F1 sports car takes in air at 20 . ◦ C and 1 . 00 atm and compresses it adiabatically to 0 . 0900 times the original volume. The air may be treated as an ideal gas with γ = 1 . 40 (a) Draw a pV-diagram for this process. (b) Find the final temperature and pressure. 1 - 1...
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