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PHYS 153 Homework 8B Problem 1 A 2 . 20 kg mass oscillates on a spring of force constant 250 . 0 N / m with a period of 0 . 615 s. (a) Is this system damped or not? How do you know? If it is damped, find the damping constant b . (b) Is the system undamped, underdamped, critically damped, or overdamped? How do you know? Problem 2 A 0 . 0200 kg bolt moves with SHM that has an amplitude of 0 . 240 m and a period of 1 . 500 s. The displacement of the bolt is +0 . 240 m when t = 0. Compute (a) the displacement of the bolt when t = 0 . 500 s; (b) the magnitude and direction of the force acting on the bolt when t = 0 . 500 s; (c) the minimum time required for the bolt to move from its initial position to
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Unformatted text preview: the point where x =-. 180 m; (d) the speed of the bolt when x =-. 180 m. Problem 3 A sinusoidally varying driving force is applied to a damped harmonic oscillator of force constant k and mass m . If the damping constant has a value b 1 , the amplitude is A 1 when the driving angular frequency equals p k/m . In terms of A 1 , what is the amplitude for the same driving frequency and the same driving force amplitude F max , if the damping constant is (a) 3 b 1 and (b) b 1 / 2? 1 - 1...
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