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Hwk9_1B - PHYS 153 Homework 9B Problem 1 A string with both...

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Unformatted text preview: PHYS 153 Homework 9B Problem 1 A string with both ends held fixed is vibrating in its third harmonic. The waves have a speed of 192 m/s and a frequency of 240 Hz. The amplitude of the standing wave at an antinode is 0.400 cm. (a) Calculate the amplitude at points on the string a distance of (i) 40.0 cm; (ii) 20.0 cm; and (iii) 10.0 cm from the left end of the string. (b) At each point in part (a), how much time does it take the string to go from its largest upward displacement to its largest downward displacement? (c) Calculate the maximum transverse velocity and the maximum transverse acceleration of the string at each of the points in part (a) Problem 2 Two identical loudspeakers are located at points A and B, 2.00 m apart. The loudspeakers are driven by the same amplifier and produce sound waves with a frequency of 784 Hz. Take the speed of sound in air to be 344 m/s. A small microphone is moved out from point B along a line perpendicular to the line connecting A and B (line BC in Figure). (a) At what distances from B will there be destructive interference? (b) at what distances from B will there be constructive interference? (c) If the frequency is made low enough, there will be no positions along the line BC at which destructive interference occurs. How low must the frequency be for this to be the case? A 2.00 m B Problem 3 C The sound from a trumpet radiates uniformly in all directions in 20 C air. At a distance of 5.00 m from the trumpet the sound intensity level is 52.0 dB. The frequency is 587 Hz. (a) What is the pressure amplitude at this distance? (b) What is the displacement amplitude? (c) At what distance is the sound intensity level 30.0 dB? (For air, the bulk modulus B = 1.42 105 Pa) 1-1 ...
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