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Unformatted text preview: PHYS 153 Homework 9B Problem 1 A jet plane at take-off can produce sound of intensity 10.0 W/m2 at 30.0 m away. But you prefer the tranquil sound of normal conversation, which is 1.0 W/m2 . Assume that the plane behaves like a point source of sound. (a) What is the closest distance you should live from the airport runway to preserve your peace of mind? (b) What intensity from the jet does your friend experience if she lives twice as far from the runway as you do? (c) What power of sound does the jet produce at take-off? Problem 2 a transverse wave on a rope is given by y (x, t) = (0.750 cm) cos 0.400 cm-1 x + 250 s-1 t (a) Find the amplitude, period, frequency, wavelength, and speed of propagation. (b) Sketch the shape of the rope at these values of t : 0, 0.0005 s, 0.0010 s. (c) Is the wave traveling in the +x- or -x-direction? (d) The mass per unit length of the rope is 0.0500 kg/m. Find the tension. (e) Find the average power of this wave. Problem 3 A string with both ends held fixed is vibrating in its third harmonic. The waves have a speed of 192 m/s and a frequency of 240 Hz. The amplitude of the standing wave at an antinode is 0.400 cm. (a) Calculate the amplitude at points on the string a distance of (i) 40.0 cm; (ii) 20.0 cm; and (iii) 10.0 cm from the left end of the string. (b) At each point in part (a), how much time does it take the string to go from its largest upward displacement to its largest downward displacement? (c) Calculate the maximum transverse velocity and the maximum transverse acceleration of the string at each of the points in part (a). 1-1 ...
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