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Unformatted text preview: PHYS 153 Homework 10A Problem 1 A physics professor demonstrates the Doppler effect by tying a 600 Hz sound generator to a 1 . 0-m-long rope and whirling it around her head in a horizontal circle at 100 rpm. What are the highest and lowest frequencies heard by a student in the classroom? Problem 2 Two loudspeakers emit 400 Hz notes. One speaker sits on the ground. The other speaker is in the back of a pickup truck. You hear eight beats per second as the truck drives away from you. What is the truck’s speed? Problem 3 A flute player hears four beats per second when she compares her note to a 523 Hz tuning fork (the note C). She can match the frequency of the tuning fork by pulling out the ‘tuning joint’ to lengthen her flute slightly. What was her initial frequency? Problem 4 As the captain of the scientific team sent to Planet Physics, one of your tasks is to measure g . You have a long, thin wire labeled 1 . 00 g / m and a 1 . 25 kg weight. You have your accurate space cadet chronometer but, unfortunately, you seem to have forgotten a meter...
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