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Hwk10B - strings are plucked simultaneously at their...

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PHYS 153 Homework 10B Problem 1 A railroad train is traveling at 25 . 0 m / s in still air. The frequency of the note emitted by the locomotive whistle is 400 Hz. What is the wavelength of the sound wave (a) in front of the locomotive and (b) behind the locomotive? What is the frequency of the sound heard by a stationary listener (c) in front of the locomotive and (d) behind the locomotive? Problem 2 Two identical taut strings under the same tension F produce a note of the same fundamental frequency f 0 . The tension in one of them is now increased by a very small amount ΔF. (a) if they are played together in their fundamental, show that the frequency of the beat produced is f beat = f 0 F/ 2 F ). (b) Two identical violin strings, when in tune and stretched with the same tension, have a fundamental frequency of 440 . 0 Hz. One of the strings is retuned by increasing its tension. When this is done, 1 . 5 beats per second are heard when both
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Unformatted text preview: strings are plucked simultaneously at their centers. By what percentage was the string tension changed? Problem 3 A manufacturing ±rm has hired your company, Acoustical Consulting, to help with a prob-lem. Their employees are complaining about the annoying hum from a piece of machinery. Using a frequency meter, you quickly determine that the machine emits a rather loud sound at 1200 Hz . After investigating , you tell the owner that you cannot solve the problem entirely, but you can at least improve the situation by eliminating re²ections of this sound from the walls. You propose to do this by installing mesh screens in front of the walls A portion of the sound will re²ect from the mesh; the rest will pass through the mesh and re²ect from the wall. How far should the mesh be placed in front of the wall for this scheme to work? 1 - 1...
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