Chapter 22 Advanced Level Quiz

Chapter 22 Advanced Level Quiz - Chapter 22 Advanced Level...

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Chapter 22 Advanced Level Quiz 1. When evaluating the effectiveness of the macro-marketing systems of different countries A. the evaluation should be limited to basic economic objectives which are common across countries. B. the best approach is to see if firms are making a profit. C. it doesn't make sense to try to compare the effectiveness of systems for different nations that have different objectives. D. the evaluation should be based on how well each system satisfies consumers' needs as they--the consumers--see them. 2. The basic objective of the U.S. market-directed economic system is to: A. ensure the survival of business firms. B. find a reasonable balance between consumer satisfaction and business profits. C. reduce the cost of marketing activities. D. satisfy consumer needs as the consumers themselves see them. E. satisfy consumer needs as seen by marketing managers. 3. Measuring macro consumer satisfaction: A. is easy--just add up all the marketing mixes. B. is difficult because consumer satisfaction depends on the level of consumer aspiration. C. must be done quantitatively. D. uses MIS techniques. 4. According to the text: A. macro-marketing costs too much in the United States--given the current objective. B. marketing never costs too much. C. micro-marketing often does cost too much. D. micro-marketing always costs too much. E. all macro-marketing systems cost too much. 5. Which of the following is NOT an explanation for why MICRO-marketing may cost too much in some firms? A. Some managers make decisions as if customers are eagerly awaiting any product they produce. B.
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Chapter 22 Advanced Level Quiz - Chapter 22 Advanced Level...

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