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Place of Houses Review Notes - Edgartown-Traditional...

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Edgartown: -Traditional neighborhood -Every house faces the front of the main street. And all decorations are facing the street. -”Many of the striking variations in any part of the town seem to have been appreciated by the neighbors and echoed in a burst of friendly assent.” p.14 -”The houses are skewed with respect to one another, since two of them are built parallel to the street and two parallel to their skewed lot lines- in order, according to local tradition, to allow their original owners to observe original ships.” p.9 Santa Barbara: -The streets give habitable space for human interaction. -The small streets make people feel like if they are in Spanish streets. Ex. little shops and cafes. -Houses are designed to have a private courtyard kind of related to the ones in Spain. -The main street is made up of buildings from the Spanish tradition. -The style of the place is not the same but the format is constant. -The County Court House -Has the tower -Stair landing at the stage center -Has a balcony for the mayor. -Acces for the people; ceremonial entrance with the arch inviting people to come into the building. Sea Ranch - A community designed to fit into the environment. -In contrast to Edgartown the houses are not arranged along a road; they are spread throught the land. -If you drive by you can even miss them -Unlike in Santa Barbara the houses are meant to fit into nature and be individual on its essence away from the city, rather than forming part of a whole community. -The new condominium building was the first attempt to form a community Each one of the communities is designed as a tiny piece of the real world and its meant to seem like an entire world. It accommodates important human activities and expresses an attitude of life. Pg 49.
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The Three Orders The Order Of Rooms - Patterns of assembling rooms had often appeared in response to the climate, topography of a particular region o New England windows are an example - Frank Lloyd Wright o “Open Plan” – rooms merging subtly - Le Corbusier o History of self conscious revolutionary attempt to change cause of a building - “New ways of seeing things, by steel machine‐made materials give part of answer” o machines: essential components o “A house is a machine, a machine to live in” - “Rooms are unspecific spaces” o empty stages for human action, where we perform rituals/ improvisation of living - Proportional Systems o Allow the architect systematically to re‐create feeling of a room - Ex: Lawrence – Sea Ranch o “The main room harbors the spirit of the place” o Rooms height Feeling of loftiness, coziness, comfort and proportion are a function of length and width dimension - Spatial variety o Reflect the relative importance SPACE Length and width determine the ways in which people are encouraged or even required to move Height has a power at least as great as the other two dimensions to create the spatial quality of a room The relation of the two horizontal dimensions (length and width) and height
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Place of Houses Review Notes - Edgartown-Traditional...

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