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chaoter one outline - Chapter one-man336 I Intro to...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter one-man336 I. Intro to organizational behavior a. Managers report their most frequent or troublesome problems are people problems b. Wages and fringe benefits are not the main reasons people like their jobs or stsay with an employer far more important is the quality of the employee’s job and the supportiveness of the work environment c. Companies with reputations as good places to work can generate superior financial performance I I. The field of organizational behavior a. Organizational behavior studies the influence that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organizations b. The chief goal of OB is to apply that knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness c. OB is concerned specifically with employment-related situations it emphasizes behavior relater to jobs, work, absenteeism, employment turnover, productivity, human performance, and management. d. Focuses onn the three determinants of behavior in organizations: individuals, groups, and structure. I I I.Complementing intuition with systematic study a. Behavior is not random. Rather, certain fundamental consistencies underlie the behavior of all individuals b. Behavior is generally predictable, and the systematic study of behavior is a means to making reasonably accurate predictions c. By systematic study we mean: i. Examining relationships ii. At tempting to att ribute causes and effects iii. Basing our conclusions on scientific evidence d. Systematic study augments intuit ion IV. Cont ribut ing disciplines to the OB field a. OB is an applied behavioral science built on cont ribut ions from a number of behavioral disciplines, including psychology and social psychology, sociology,...
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chaoter one outline - Chapter one-man336 I Intro to...

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