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2-7-08 notes - 2-7-08 Clicker Questions: Parsimonious t...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-7-08 Clicker Questions: Parsimonious t ree--the least number or evolutionary steps Things to know for the exam: Geologic table o Ex. What were the major occurrences during each era--Mesozoic, Paleozoic, Cenozoic, fish evolved before mammals. o o o In chapter 26. Know eons, periods we talked about Don't need to memorize the dates Bacteria vs. Archaea o o o o o Nucleus absent in both No organelles Peptidoglycan present in bacteria and absent in archaea Extreme temperature is intolerant in bacteria and tolerant in archaea Bacteria are responsive to antibiotics but archaea are not Animal diversity: Animals o o Eukaryotic Multicellular o o Different cell types Heterotrophic No cell wall o Development Blastula Gastrula Animal classification o Symmetry o Asymmetr ic Radial Bilateral Tissues None Diplo- vs. T riploblastic o Body cavities Acoelomate, Pseudo-, Coelomate o Cleavage Protostomes (spiral, determinate) Deuterostomes (radial, indeterminant) Protists are eukaryotes Review Table 33.7 in lecture slides Survey of Invertebrates o Know scientific and common name for both ...
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2-7-08 notes - 2-7-08 Clicker Questions: Parsimonious t...

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